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2018/12/10 domina Ruiko

My date of returning to Japan is coming.
I'm in London now. We can get everything in London!
I went to a fetish party in London. The party which is made by local people had a warm atmosphere. Although it's not a big party, it had Kinbaku(rope bondage) practice space. I realized again that Kinbaku is popular outside Japan as well.

I'll inform you of my schedule during the New Year holidays, and my regular schedule after that:

Over the New Year:
28(Fri)  13:00-18:30
29(Sat) 15:00-Last

4(Fri)  15:00-Last
5(Sat) 15:30-Last

My regular schedule after 5th of December is Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday, such as 9(Wed),10(Thu),13(Sun) 16(Wed)....It will be repeated every week.

I had a lot of priceless experiences overseas. I'm interested in world wide news and history now more than when I was in Japan.  Because I'm talking about them with diverse friends, watching news in English for practice and debating in our class. I can imagine news and history easier because I went there and talked with people from many countries. It's my significant benefit.

I'm looking forward to having sessions.
See you in Japan.