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Baby domina Nikki's relay column!

Have you met our new baby dominas? If not, we have a column for you to see if she will be the match for you.

Baby domina Nikki wrote a column on our web page.
You can find the column on her profile area.

On a side note, how do you like our relay column?
We'd be happy for your feedback!


At last, I got good hemp ropes. by Mimori

Hello to tonight i want to bondage.
This is Mimori.

Hemp ropes that are hard to get, I got it.
It’s good feeling ropes that like are had by siora’s domina.

“You should put some oils on it. ” Domina Yoko said.

 am thinking about what kind of oils should i put on it.
Aroma oils in Vegetable oils?
My favorite body cream?
It’s fun that think about my favorite  customizing.

“Even next baby dominas join to La siora, i still didn’t have my hemp ropes!?” Someone in myself said.

By the ropes that are got at last,
i will make beautiful open legs.
And that torture.....such torture.....

My bondage life will be exciting♪


Baby domina Ririko's portrait!

Another happy update. 

We uploaded baby domina Ririko's portrait. We will add photos of her in red bondage outfit in a couple of days!

She can join your session at the following schedule.
If you are interested, don't hesitate to contact us. 

August 23 (Fri) 15:00-22:00
August 25 (Sun) 15:00-22:00
August 30 (Fri) 15:00-22:00
August 31 (Sat) 15:00-22:00


Baby domina Nikki's portrait is here!

We uploaded baby domina Nikki's portrait on our website.
She looks gorgeous in black bondage outfit. We will later upload the additional portrait of her being a teacher that trains a slave!

You can see the portrait from here;

She can join your session on August 28th after 3:00pm, and there are still some slots available. If you are interested, do not hesitate to contact us.


The treat for my bravery dogs. by Mimori

The other day,
I found a  rubberband pistol.
It’s a six shooter.......
The feeling is painless almost.
It’s boring a little.
But I will try to do target games to humandog’s nipples.
I love the target game so much.

And then,

If dog was playing well,
i am going to give treats for him(her).
It’s japanese chicken jerks that are eaten herbs.
The food additives are only salts.
I am particular about treats for my dogs health.
I am responsible for it.
Hey guys,
Am i a great boss for you?

Let me know what you think about tastes.
I know you can not speak human language by mouth of course.
So please show me what you think by writing. Like this.

(“Thank you”)

I like skillful dogs.