Domina Ruiko's new portrait!

Hello our dear readers,

As we wrote to you last week, we added new pictures of domina Ruiko.
You'll see your wait is definitely worth it!


She looks absolutely stunning in leather.
She looks just like a classy domina in a vintage fetish art, don't you agree?

As you may already know, she will be on a 4 months long off from August 25th.
There are still a few slots available. If you wish to see her before her off, we look forward to hearing from you.


New suspension tool added!

If you have recently checked "play tool" page on our website, you may notice the new tool.

We added new suspension tool.
You can check them out from the link below.

Please note if you wish to use G-1 and/or G-2, those tools may not be suitable for your hotel. Please contact us early if you wish to use these items. We may not be able to accommodate last-minutes requests.

By the way, the picture for G-2 is from domina Ruiko's new gallery.
The gallery will be updated before she comes back from her long vacation!


Domina Nana will visit Singapore

Hey our members in Singapore.
Domina Nana will visit Singapore in the end of August.
Please let us know if you have good recommendations to her i.e. places to visit, things to do, restaurants etc.

Domina Ruiko is now our cover domina!

Hello our lovely readers,

We just changed our top image on our website.
This time it's your favorite, domina Ruiko!
You can check it from here.

Those are from her new gallery which we will upload next week.
Seems like it will be an exciting play gallery,
you can look forward to this one!

She will take a long vacation from the end of this month,
so if you would like to see her before her vacation please feel free to contact us


Hello Masochists! By Yoko

Hello Masochists!:)

How's things where you are?
We are still experiencing very hot and humid days here in Tokyo.

I have to admit I am slightly confused, because you often say things that do not reflect your  true feelings.
For example, you may cry "No! Pain!! Pain!!!" 
But if I stop I then see in your face that you are not happy.

Because I do not speak English it is more difficult to judge what is the right thing to do.
I try to pay attention to your facial expressions, but sometimes I make a mistake...I'm sorry.

So please show me more of "you" - and I will study your expression closely.
Then we can enjoy together!