New baby domina: Miyabi joined La Siora!

Hi our lovely members and fans,

It's flu season here in Tokyo, how are you guys feeling?

We recently welcomed a new baby domina Miyabi. She is a cool-beauty and relatively tall. She just started joining other dominas' sessions as a part of her training. Please feel free to let us know if you are interested when you make an appointment. She will start having her own appointments from March 1st.

Training only
Feb 24(Sat) 15:00-22:00

For Session appointments;
Mar 1(Thu) 13:00-Last
Mar 2(Fri) 13:00-Last
Mar 3(Sat) 13:00-Last
Mar 8(Thu) 13:00-Last
Mar 9(Fri) 13:00-Last
Mar 10(Sat) 13:00-Last


New photos of Shinju and Murasaki


Hello, our royal members and fans.
We updated portrait pages of domina Shinju and domina Murasaki.

They are in the gorgeous dress and look so fabulous...!

Please check the beautiful photos on the following links.

Shinju's Portrait

Murasaki's Portrait


Ruiko's English Twitter

Dear La Siora members, this is Ruiko.

I have news for foreign members. 
I've started an English twitter account. I will tweet everyday.

Check here


Important: We changed our email address

Hi our lovely members,

We changed our email address as below.
We appreciate your kind cooperation.



Updated schedule page

We posted a new image on "schedule" page of our website.
Please check our dominas' regular schedule and see a beautiful photo of domina Lena HERE.