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La Siora on the Radio!

You read it right.

Our producer Rie Asagiri and our beloved domina Sakurako will be on the radio! You can listen to the program if you download an app (depens on your location). If you understand Japanese or just curious, you really have to check it out!

"Himitsu Disco"
Kawasaki FM 79.1MHz

October 23rd (Tue) 20:30~
Sakurako (La Siora)
Rie Asagiri

October 30th (Tue) 20:30~
(both from Bar Amarcord)

Yes, Angie and mistress Rinko will be on the show on the 30th.
Rie-san wrote about the radio on her blog (in Japanese).

We also changed our website's top image for the radio.
If you get a chance to listen to them, we would love to hear how you like it!


We're Closed on Monday 8th October

We will be closed for autumn holiday on Monday 8th October.
Dominas and Receptionists will not be available.

If you have a reservation on Tuesday 9th October, please give us confirmation on Sunday 7th instead of the previous day.
In addition, please contact us on Tuesday 9th if you have an appointment on Monday 15th or you'd like to book with our dominas on Monday 22nd October.

We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you very much for your cooperation.

La Siora


SSL Supported

We have changed URL of our website for applying SSL.
Please bookmark and access from the following URL.

You might access  http://(SSL non-supported) if you will search for our website by at Google or other search engines.
Please make sure that URL includes  https:// when you cannot confirm "Secure" on your web browsers.
Although our previous URL is SSL non-supported, you can still see it.


Twitter of Sakurako and Roca

We installed the icons of Twitter accounts on domina Sakurako and domina Roca's  profile pages.
You can reach their Twitter account pages as you push the buttons.
Please check their profile pages on the following links.