Baby Domina Jose can Join Your Session Tomorrow!

Just a quick update to let you know our baby domina Jose can join your session tomorrow, August 15th. She can be available from 8:00pm.
Please feel free to contact us if you are interested!

New Photos and Gallery of Domina Sakurako

Hi all,

We have three happy updates to show you today. Lots of new photos are up and they are your favorite domina Sakurako's! Who doesn't love to see a beautiful lady's photos?

First, we added her new portraits.
As she is now a regular domina, she maintain a stable popularity. The photos show her cute side and seductive side; that's what makes her unique and attractive.
Domina Sakurako's Portrait

We also uploaded her gallery.
She dresses in Gothic-Lolita style dress (google it if you are not familiar with the style!), and she looks like a doll!
The Goth-loli Dominatrix

Oh and lastly, our website's top images are changed to domina Sakurako's picture!


Baby Domina Jose Joined La Siora

Hey all,

Let us introduce new baby domina Jose(jo-ze).
She is 167cm tall, with slender legs and pale skin. Now she is in her early 20s and a student.

From next week, she can join your session at the following schedule, as a part of her training.
Please let us know upon making an appointment if you are interested.

August 9(Wed): 19:30-22:30
August 11(Fri): 19:00-22:30
August 12(Sat): 19:00-22:30

Our producer Rie Asagiri mentioned to her on her blog. It's written in Japanese (as usual) but if you are interested, go ahead and check it!


Just a Little Update on Domina Iris

Hi our loyal members and fans,

This is just a little update on your favorite domina Iris.

First, she will be taking a vacation from July 28th to August 28th. If you wish to see her, hurry make an appointment before the 28th!
Second, this is a good news; we will upload her gallery during her vacation. This photo is just a sneak peak!


New Photos of Domina Ruina!

Domina Ruina's fans and school girl uniform lovers, rejoice.

We just uploaded our lovely domina Ruina's new photos.
As you see, she looks adorable in a school girl uniform! We also uploaded photos she wears pink lingerie. Her black hair and the pink lingerie makes a great contrast, don't you think?

Hurry check the new photos from the link below.