We made "Play Tools" page on our website!

Hi our lovey members,

Have you seen our website's top image? It's domina Shinju and Murasaki!

We also made a new page for you to check our rental play tools (it says rental but it's free!) You can see what we have from here.

Please let us know the number on the page if you wish our dominas to bring the play tool. Of course you can leave the selection to the dominas and if the exact one is out we may bring an item with slightly different design.
 Those tools are La Siora's tools and not our dominas' personal tools. They have their own unique tools that suits their taste but baby dominas or relatively new dominas may not have that much special tools. Please feel free to ask us when you make an appointment if you wish an out-of-basic items.

We haven't uploaded all the tools yet, you can look forward to the updates! 


Domina Nana will visit Singapore soon!

Attention our members in Singapore, domina Nana will visit Singapore soon. If you know a good restraurant, shops or place to visit etc please let us know via our email!


Holiday Greeting Special Pictures!

We updated our top page to holiday special version :)

Wish you have Wonderful Holidays!


Year End & New Year's Schedule

Hi our lovely readers,

Oops it's already mid-December!
Let us quick announce our schedule during this holiday season.
If you wish to book on non-scheduled day, please contact our reception.

Year end and new years holiday
December 31st(Sun) to January 3rd(Tue)

The last scheduled day of 2017
Shinju : 23(Sat) 13h00-Last
Akiho : 25(Mon) 15h00-Last
Nana : 29(Fri) 16h00-Last
Murasaki : 23(Sat) 13h00-18h00 (available til the 29th, please contact us ahead)
Narumi : 23(Sat) 15h00-Last
Ruiko : 30(Sat) 15h00-20:30
Tohka : 30(Sat) 14h00-Last
Ruina : 24(Sun) 15h00-Last
Sakurako : 29(Fri) 18h00- 22h30
Iris : 25(Mon) 15h00-Last
Roca : 30(Sat) 15h00-Last
Yoko : 28(Thu) 15h00-Last (available til the 29th, please contact us ahead)
Lena : 24(Sun) 13h00-21h30

The first scheduled day of 2018

Shinju : 12(Fri) 15h00-Last
Akiho : 7(Sun) 14:00-Last
Nana : 4(Thu) 16h00-Last
Murasaki : please contact us
Narumi : 10(Wed)15h00-Last
Ruiko : 5(Fri) 15h00-Last
Tohka : 6(Sat) 14h00-Last
Sakurako : 11(Thu)
Iris : 15(Mon) 13h00-21h30
Roca : 8(Mon) 15h00-Last
Yoko : 6(Sat) 14h00-Last
Lena : 7(Sun) 13h00-21h30


Gallery of Romantic Soireé, Our Anniversary Event!

We uploaded a new gallery of our 20th anniversary event!
You can see the good mood with our guests and the dominas, oh and of course our dominas' beautiful dresses! Click the link below to see the gallery.

『Romantic soiree / 浪漫想夜会』

Our producer Rie Asagiri's blog has some notes about the event(in Japanese) and a photo.