New Portrait of Iris!


Hello, our royal members and wonderful fans.

We just updated baby domina Iris' portrait.
You can see two different images of her,
"Strong dominatrix" and "Cool anchorman of LS news".

Please check the beautiful photos here!!


Baby domina Roca's Profile and Portrait

Hello, our royal members and wonderful fans.

Finally, we updated baby domina Roca's profile page and uploaded her portrait.
Please check the beautiful photos here!


Domina Roca's Regular Schedule

Hi everyone,

We announce our baby domina Roca's regular schedule. She will be available on Monday and Wednesday. Please check her hours at the link below.

We finished her shooting so her photo will come up soon!

She is just about to start her own sessions, have you met her already? She still can join your session while she is a baby domina but please note her own sessions are her priority.
We look forward to your requests.


Baby Domina Roca's Schedule

Hi everyone,

We're glad to tell you the new lady has picked her name; she is domina Roca!

So today we let you know her schedule. As you already know, she can join your session to watch and learn from our senior dominas. In case that is not enough for you, behold, she will accept her own appointments from 14th Wednesday.
We look forward to your contacts.

June 9th(Fri): 15:00-22:00
June 10th(Sat): 15:00-22:00
June 14th(Wed): 15:00-22:00/Starting her own sessions

After the 14th, most likely her fixed schedule will be on Monday and Wednesday, from 15:00 to 22:00. So if you are weekender, it's your chance to get to know her on the above period!


New Baby Domina has Joined!

Hi everyone,

We just welcomed a new baby domina. She hasn't picked her name yet so let us call her domina R.

She has long, light brown colored hair, 162cm tall, with a slender figure. We also noticed her silky voice. Overall, she is a feminine beauty you won't recognize she is a domina. But don't judge a book by its cover, she has her sadistic instinct. She has a cheerful side and a dark side.

She loves travels and animals, and fantasizes about BDSM marriage! Actually it's not that fantasy-fantasy, she knows what it takes as she has experiences as a professional and also in private. Acting as a domina to fulfill the sub's fantasy isn't enough for her---but hey our lovely members, don't expect too much about the marriage thing!

As usual, she can join your session as a part of her training.
Please let us know when you make an appointment with our senior dominas.
So far, she will be available at the following dates;

May 27th(Sat): 15:00-22:00
May 28th(Sun): 15:00-22:00
May 31st(Wed): 15:00-22:00
June 1st(Thu): 15:00-22:00

Photos to come but it will take a while, so take this chance and see her!
We look forward to your contacts.