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Domina Lena will leave La Siora

We need to tell you a sad news.

Our beautiful domina Lena will leave La Siora at the end of March.
Thank you very much for your support and favor.

She will be available every Tuesday and Sunday until the end of March.
We all hope you have a chance to see her once again.


Parties By Ruiko

I could see a lot of Dominas and subs at Eureka’s 15th anniversary party, After party of 15th anniversary, La Siora’s meeting and finally at the dinner after the meeting.
It was the fifth time that I’d celebrated Eureka’s anniversary and Mistress Yumiko's birthday. The after party was the third for me to experience.
Thank you all for visiting us.

I'll introduce my pic. I can show you other pics later.

I sang with a guitar and a conga. And then I dueted with Domina Maya.

I was getting excited while I was speaking about SM at the La Siora meeting. I got a smile when I remembered our sessions we had and sub's faces during them. After sessions my pupils dilate.
I could talk with Mistress Rie about my 10th anniversary party. I'll hold the party in June.

I realized again I had great bosses.

I'm looking forward to keeping you in the loop and to giving fantastic things for you.



My schedule in February By Ruiko

My La Siora shifts are every Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday except for Thursday the 7th and Sunday the 10th. Instead of these two days, I’m available on Saturday the 9th.

If you’d like to book a session on another day, please inform our receptionist in advance. It’s easier for me to make time when you let me know a long time in advance.

I have an English blog page. You can check my up to date information from here.


Domina Sakurako's YouTube clip

We uploaded our domina Sakurako's short clip on our YouTube Channel.
She looks gorgeous in pictures but extra gorgeous in videos.
You can watch them from the link below.


Domina Ruiko's English blog

Hey our readers,

Domina Ruiko made her English blog. Bookmark it and don't miss her newest updates!

Domina Ruiko