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2018/12/18 by domina Ruiko

About my new play gallery/Ruiko

Good evening. It's night in London.
Since friends of mine have left London, I went to a concert by myself tonight. It was the London Symphony.
Now it is lively for Xmas in London.

Did you guys see my play gallery?
[Queen Of Leather 1]
[Queen Of Leather 2]
I used genuine leather goods in the gallery. All of my clothes, the slave's mask, the harness, the suspension ankle restraints and the leg spreader suspension harness are genuine leathers. The suspension restraints are La Siora's.
If you want to use them, please ask our reception.

You can see the suspension restraints from this link.
[Play tools]
They are G-1 and G-2.

I've used it for real sessions.
Subs said these restraints are not painful. If we don't want to use them for torture, they will work. I can keep subs for a long time.

While I was whipping the sub upside down in the gallery, I was giving electric torture as well. The electric device was connected with my iPhone by Bluetooth. As I could control him without a wire, my whipping was not disturbed.
Can you guess what else I'm doing in this play gallery?
When I use new goods, I'm excited.

The goods that I bought for subs in Berlin are also genuine leather. I'll show you them over the new year holidays.


Sequel of domina Ruiko's gallery!

I know you have been waiting for this; we just uploaded another gallery of domina Ruiko. It's the sequel of the gallery we uploaded a few days ago.
Her proportion, leather outfit, and her sparkling eyes looking at a slave...everything is beautiful. You should check them out!

Queen of Leather RUIKO vol.2


Domina Ruiko's new gallery!

Dear our royal members and fans,

We'd like to show you a brand new photo gallery of domina Ruiko.
They are play-photos so you can see her natural, bright smile. She looks stunning in leather, don't you think? We will be uploading the sequence of this photo gallery soon.
Check the beautiful photos from the link below!

Queen of Leather RUIKO vol.1 

Do you know she will be back soon?
She just announced her new schedule, you can check it from here.


2018/12/10 domina Ruiko

My date of returning to Japan is coming.
I'm in London now. We can get everything in London!
I went to a fetish party in London. The party which is made by local people had a warm atmosphere. Although it's not a big party, it had Kinbaku(rope bondage) practice space. I realized again that Kinbaku is popular outside Japan as well.

I'll inform you of my schedule during the New Year holidays, and my regular schedule after that:

Over the New Year:
28(Fri)  13:00-18:30
29(Sat) 15:00-Last

4(Fri)  15:00-Last
5(Sat) 15:30-Last

My regular schedule after 5th of December is Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday, such as 9(Wed),10(Thu),13(Sun) 16(Wed)....It will be repeated every week.

I had a lot of priceless experiences overseas. I'm interested in world wide news and history now more than when I was in Japan.  Because I'm talking about them with diverse friends, watching news in English for practice and debating in our class. I can imagine news and history easier because I went there and talked with people from many countries. It's my significant benefit.

I'm looking forward to having sessions.
See you in Japan.


Domina Miyabi's new portraits!

Great news if you a fan of our domina Miyabi!

We just added new photos of her. You can really see her domina-ness in the new photos. Especially in catsuit, you have to see it!

Domina Miyabi's Portrait