Power difference by domina Ruiko

I like to emphasise the distinction between Domina and sub. Gameplay and Human furniture are effective for it.

When I relax and feel comfortable while a masochist is in torment, I’m in good spirits.
His look keeping a promise is pitiful and cute.
A masochist’s presence become smaller gradually, when I give harder orders and pains, and I can feel he is mine. 

The game’s rules are decided by me, and they are changed by my mood.
I can decide his destiny. 

Some masochist said
“The further I feel you are, the more l feel you shine”. 
I think it is true.

I think that distance and a power differential are important to feel more pleasure and excitement.


Domina Miyabi's portrait (just a little peak!)

Hello our members and fans,

We just uploaded a part of our baby domina Miyabi's portrait. Full updates are coming soon!

Domina Miyabi's Portrait


Domina Nana will be in Hong Kong!

Domina Nana will be in Hong Kong!
Please contact us if you know more about it.


Baby domina Miyabi's profile page

We just created baby domina Miyabi's profile page. Right now it only has our comments on her and photos are to be uploaded.
She already started her own sessions so if you are interested, please feel free to contact us!

Domina Miyabi's profile page

Domina Narumi is now tiara domina!

Hello our members and fans,

Guess who just became a tiara domina?
It's the beautiful lady with one-and-only smooth, velvety voice...domina Narumi! We are excited to tell you she is now a tiara domina.

If you had a session with her before, the nomination fee will be 3,000JPY.

There is her message for you on our producer Rie Asagiri's blog(in Japanese). You can read it from here.