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Twitter of Sakurako and Roca

We installed the icons of Twitter accounts on domina Sakurako and domina Roca's  profile pages.
You can reach their Twitter account pages as you push the buttons.
Please check their profile pages on the following links.




Domina Nana will visit Hong Kong soon!

Good news for our members in Hong Kong.

Our beloved domina Nana will visit Hong Kong in early October.
If you wish to know more about it, please email to our reception.


Domina Yoko is on the top of our website!

Domina Yoko is now on the top image of our website.
She recently made the cover of Sniper EVE magazine, and now she is on our website's cover too.

You can click here to check the picture.

Do you know she is now studying English?
She wrote a post in English.
If you have been interested in her but hesitated to have a session due to the language problem, now you have no reason to hesitate!


Domina Yoko is on the cover of Sniper EVE magazine!

Let us tell you, domina Yoko graces the cover of Sniper EVE magazine!
Sniper EVE magazine is a prestigious BDSM magazine for submissives. Some of our dominas also made the cover in the past.

She looks gorgeous in the sensual black outfit.
If you happen to find the magazine, you really should check that out!


Domina Ruiko's new portrait!

Hello our dear readers,

As we wrote to you last week, we added new pictures of domina Ruiko.
You'll see your wait is definitely worth it!

She looks absolutely stunning in leather.
She looks just like a classy domina in a vintage fetish art, don't you agree?

As you may already know, she will be on a 4 months long off from August 25th.
There are still a few slots available. If you wish to see her before her off, we look forward to hearing from you.