Domina Nana's new photos!

Dear our readers,

Let us show you new photos of domina Nana. We know you've been waiting for this!

Domina Nana's Portrait

There are two themes this time. One part shows her natural expression. As you can see it in the above picture, you can tell she is having fun with the sub while she is dressed in a shiny bondage costume. Another part is more decadent than the first one. She dresses more sensual and seductive. You can feel her charm from both set of the new photos. We love the both sides, which one is your favorite?

Oh and we also changed the top image of her profile page!

Domina Nana's profile page


New gallery of domina Sakurako and Lena

New photo gallery is here!
They are taken at a lunch with domina Sakurako and Lena at a restraurant. It's Sakura-themed gallery, never mind the season is over.
They both look relaxed and you can see their different style from the session.
Click the link below to see the gallery.

In Sakura Season 2018


Improved our mobile website

If you are checking our website for mobile, this one is for you.
Now you can check our dominas' profile from our mobile website!

My shifts in May by domina Ruiko

My shifts in May are regular.
They're every Monday, Friday and Saturday.

If you want a reservation on another day,
please ask our receptionist.



Baby domina, Mia and Shiori's Profile&Portraits

Hello, our royal members and fans.
We updated the profile pages of our new baby dominas, Mia and Shiori.
Please check the beautiful portraits and comments about them from LaSiora.