New baby domina, Yoko and Lena join!

Hello, our royal members and fans.
We are happy to announce that new baby domina, Yoko and Lena join LaSiora.

Yoko is a clear fair-skinned 21 years old girl who has beautiful black hair.
* Body size : T165cm/B84cm/W60cm/H85cm

Lena is in her 20's who has a beautiful body figure, slender and tall "cool beauty".
* Body size : T167cm/B82cm/W58cm/W85cm

Baby domina Yoko and Lena can join your session for free as their training.
Please ask us when you make an appointment with our senior dominas.

* Yoko's schedule in September 2017 *
18(Mon) 15:00-21:30
22(Fri) 15:00-19:30
26(Tue) 15:00-21:30
*** We will inform you as her additional schedule will be decided.

* Lena's schedule in September 2017 *
25(Mon) 15:00-22:00
*** We will inform you as her additional schedule will be decided.


Baby Domina Jose Just Started Her Blog!

She just started her own blog and let us introduce it to you. (as usual it's written in Japanese. You can use some online translation or just enjoy the photos.) She can speak English so let's hope she will start writing in English!

Life just killing time until you are killed

She starts her own session today so if you read the blog and are interested in her, please feel free to contact us for appointments.


Domina Nana will be in Hong Kong in September!

I know you have been waiting for this.

Domina Nana will be in Hong Kong during September 9th to 11th.
Please contact us after August 28th if you wish to make an appointment.

Domina Iris's Gallery Uploaded!

Another happy news for you.

We uploaded beautiful domina Iris's gallery.
This is not just a bunch of pictures with a good looking lady, this is actually pictures taken during her actual play. You can see her vivid expression.
Check the gallery from the link below.

Domina Iris's Way to Stop Sexual Harrasment!

She will be back to La Siora after her summer vacation next week. The first day will be September 1st, she is looking forward to see you all!

Baby Domina Jose's Portrait is Up!

Hi everyone,

How are you doing? I hope you are surviving through the heat wherever you are at now. We have something good for you to get you through the summer heat.

New baby domina Jose's portrait is here! You can she her innocent side and cruel side. She studied in New York City so she can speak English.

Portrait of Domina Jose

Can't wait to see her? She will be available on the following schedule and will have her own sessions from Thursday 24th. Please feel free to contact us for appointments!

August 23(Wed): 15:30-22:00
August 24(Thu): 15:30-Last
August 26(Sat): 15:30-Last
August 27(Sun): 15:30-Last