Domina Tohka for our cover girl!

We just changed our main image on out website's main menu page.
It's the first thing you see when you access to our website.

This time it's domina Tohka's new pictures.
We will update her new portrait on June 22nd. You can really look forward to this one!


Domina Misato's play photos!

Hi our lovely members and fans,

How are you doing? Today let us show you a play photos of domina Misato. Have you checked her out yet?

Domina Misato's profile page;

Here is her play photos. You can imagine how it will be if you have a session with her. She looks fresh in pink latex outfit.


Domina Misato is available on Monday from 3:00pm every week.
Good news; she will be also available on Tuesday 19th in addition to the 18th.

We look forward to your inquiry.


The first English blog♡ by domina Yoko

Hello, masochists:)

I can't speak English and can't understand.
But I'd like to understand English.
So I write blog in English today.

I order smile to you.
Your smile makes me happy.
I love torture very much.
I want you to endure the pain with a smile.

I accept half of your request.
You accept my desire a little, please.

Let’s enjoy it with me.

p.s. New portrait updated‼︎

Quoted from domina Yoko's blog;


New photos of Yoko!

Hello, our wonderful members and fans.
We updated domina Yoko's portrait page.

She is wearing high-school uniform and cool black outfits.
As a cute girl and beautiful lady, she has the different attractions. Don't you think so?

Please check Yoko's beautiful portrait HERE!


Domina Misato joined La Siora!

Domina Misato just joined us!
She is experienced and enjoy various things, especially skilled in kinbaku. You know why? She used to be domina Akiha Takanashi and with us before.

Domina Misato's profile


Blog(in Japanese)

She is available on Monday from 3:00pm.
We look forward to your visit.

Our producer Rie Asagiri wrote about her on her blog(in Japanese);