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Domina Sakurako's new pictures!

We added new pictures of domina Sakurako on her portrait page.
Same as domina Shinju and Misato, she wears elegant and sexy Chinese dress.
Check the pictures from the link below.


New English blog page By Ruiko

I made an English blog and I’m going to post English articles on this blog from now on.
I feel glad that I can communicate with subs in English better than before. Now I should keep on practicing SPEAKING English. I'm looking forward to having sessions with English speakers.

Domina Ruiko


Short video of domina Shinju

Just a quick update to let you know we just uploaded a short video of domina Shinju.
You can check it from the link below.


New portrait photos of domina Shinju

We all know you've been waiting for this.

We just added new pictures of domina Shinju. Just look at how gorgeous she looks.
It's kind of new style for her, do you like them? Let us hear how you like them.

We also changed the image for her profile page.


First photo gallery of domina Roca!

Hi our lovely readers,

We just uploaded our beautiful domina Roca's first photo gallery.
She is known for her rubber outfits, but this time she dresses classy. You can feel the intensity of the session from the photos.

We also changed the main image of our website.

Check the new gallery from the link below!