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Domina Shiori is promoted & New baby domina joined!

We have a great news first.
We are happy to let you know domina Shiori is now a regular domina!
From now on, her nomination fee is 2,000JPY as a regular domina.
(no nomination fee is charged for the first session with her.)

You can check her beautiful portrait and profile from here.

Another happy news.
We just welcomed a new baby domina Kisaki.
She is in her 20s, intelligent, 158cm tall with a balanced figure. She has this sparkle in her eyes. She will shine bright once she gained some more extra confidence as a domina.

You can invite her for your session (for free) at the following schedule.

Oct 31 (Wed) 15:00-22:00
Nov 7 (Wed) 15:00-22:00
Nov 10 (Sat) 15:00-22:00

Please kindly note no fee is charged to invite her and let her watch your session, however love hotels usually charge extra (usually 1.5 times).

Our producer Rie Asagiri wrote about domina Shiori and the new baby domina.
You can read them from here (written in Japanese).