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Announcement of 4 months off By Ruiko

I'd like to announce that I'm taking 4 months off.
I'm going to study abroad from 1st September to late December. I will definitely be back as a Domina.

I'll announce the specific dates later. But the fourth week of August may be my last shift, and I may come back at the end of December.

My destination is ...

Malta is south of Sicily. The official languages in Malta are Maltese and English. I'm going to study English at a language school.

I chose Malta because I want to go to Europe, and I like warm places and the beautiful ocean. I want to go to BDSM shops and visit dungeons on weekends in Europe.

I'm learning English to broaden my world for BDSM.

I'm sorry if you're planning a booking during my absence. I would like to have sessions before my trip instead. I'll accept bookings outside my regular days as much as I possibly can.

My regular shift is every Monday, Friday, Saturday.