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Introducing new baby dominas

Hey our lovely readers,

It's a new season and we recently welcomed two baby dominas.
Let us quickly introduce them.

Firstly baby domina Mia.
Young and fesh baby domina who just entered BDSM world. As you can see it from the picture she has splendid legs.
She can join your session as a training and start her own session from May 6th at the following schedule;

★Training only
April 29 (Sun): 13:00-20:00
May 1 (Mon): 13:00-17:00

★Regular schedule for sessions
Every Sunday, 13:00-17:00, starting from May 6 (Sun)

Second, domina Shiori.
Same as domina Mia, She can join your session for her training at the following schedule;

★Training only
April 28 (Sat): 14:00-Last

★Regular schedule for sessions
Wednesday: 21:00-Last
Saturday: 19:00-Last
Sunday: 19:00-Last
Starting from May 2nd (Wed)

As usual, do not hesitate to let us know if you would like to invite them to your session with our senior dominas. Please kindly note once they start their own sessions, they will not be able to join your session for training if they have their own appointment on the same slot.