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I love Alpha-in. By Ruiko

I love Alpha-in.

I couldn't experience dungeons. Because there haven't been any dungeons in Japan after I became an adult. But I’m lucky because I know Alpha-in.( It is a love hotel for BDSM.)

I still long for the world of BDSM even though I’m in the world of BDSM now.
Masochists can agree with me can't you?

I like pictures of Dominas and subs.

As I said on my last post, I like a power difference and distance between Domina and sub. And I like a tense atmosphere.

After my directions, a masochisit comes into a room on all fours.
I get excited about play starting now while treading on him.

After we have play for a while, the tence atmosphere become chaotic, and I feel connected with him even though bodies does't touch each other. I love this process. It's the process of being entrusted by him.

A room for BDSM is far from our daily life. We can go into a fantasy world of BDSM because there is a focus on play.