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Year End & New Year's Schedule

Hi our lovely readers,

Oops it's already mid-December!
Let us quick announce our schedule during this holiday season.
If you wish to book on non-scheduled day, please contact our reception.

Year end and new years holiday
December 31st(Sun) to January 3rd(Tue)

The last scheduled day of 2017
Shinju : 23(Sat) 13h00-Last
Akiho : 25(Mon) 15h00-Last
Nana : 29(Fri) 16h00-Last
Murasaki : 23(Sat) 13h00-18h00 (available til the 29th, please contact us ahead)
Narumi : 23(Sat) 15h00-Last
Ruiko : 30(Sat) 15h00-20:30
Tohka : 30(Sat) 14h00-Last
Ruina : 24(Sun) 15h00-Last
Sakurako : 29(Fri) 18h00- 22h30
Iris : 25(Mon) 15h00-Last
Roca : 30(Sat) 15h00-Last
Yoko : 28(Thu) 15h00-Last (available til the 29th, please contact us ahead)
Lena : 24(Sun) 13h00-21h30

The first scheduled day of 2018

Shinju : 12(Fri) 15h00-Last
Akiho : 7(Sun) 14:00-Last
Nana : 4(Thu) 16h00-Last
Murasaki : please contact us
Narumi : 10(Wed)15h00-Last
Ruiko : 5(Fri) 15h00-Last
Tohka : 6(Sat) 14h00-Last
Sakurako : 11(Thu)
Iris : 15(Mon) 13h00-21h30
Roca : 8(Mon) 15h00-Last
Yoko : 6(Sat) 14h00-Last
Lena : 7(Sun) 13h00-21h30