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Domina Lena's Portrait & Domina Roca as a Regular Domina!

Hey our lovely members and fans,

How are you surviving this fall? To keep you going through this cold weather, we uploaded beautiful photos of our baby domina Lena. Look how gorgeous her legs are! We also made our comments on her, you can check them on her profile page.

Domina Lena's Portrait and Profile Page

We have one more good news.
We are happy to announce our beautiful domina Roca is now a regular domina! She has her stable philosophy on BDSM but at the same time she is not rigid, rather flexible. We can't wait to see what a great domina she will be. Thank you very much for those who invited her to join your session.
We also just added our comments on her on her profile page.

Domina Roca's Profile Page

Looking forward to your contacts, as always!