Baby Domina Iris Joined La Siora!

Hello our lovely readers,

It's getting warmer in Tokyo these days, you can feel our beloved Sakura season is coming closer. In such a nice season, we proudly announce new baby domina Iris joined La Siora.
 Bright personality with passionate eyes, she is a tall beauty. Photo shooting is coming soon so are the photos. We hope to show you soon!

She can join your session for free as a part of her training. Please let our receptionist know when you make an appointment. So far she will be available on;

3(Fri): 15:00-21:30
5(Sun): 14:00-21:30
13(Mon): 15:00-21:30
15(Wed): 15:00-21:30
17(Fri): 15:00-21:30
19(Sun): 13:00-19:30