Domina Nana's Hong Kong Trip!

Hi La Siora members and fans,

We announce this year's first trip of domina Nana, she can accept booking requests in Hong Kong. If you had sessions with her before, you can make an appointment from Monday 30 January.
We look forward to hearing from you.

February 12 (Sun) 15:00-22:00
February 13( Mon) Please ask us about the approximate time you would like to book.

Central- Wan Chai area, Hong Kong island side
(Please book a hotel room and she will visit your room.)

Session fee: Japanese Cash
Overseas session charge: 500HKD (including local taxi fare)
(Please contact us when you make an appointment if you wish to pay the session fee in local currency)

☆When can you make an appointment?☆
You had a session with her before: January 30 (Mon), 12:45pm (in Japan)
You never had a session with her before: February 2 (Thu), 12:45pm (in Japan)


*She won't be able to bring too many session tools and costumes. If you have special requests please let us know as soon as possible and make sure everything is fine.