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Our Holiday Schedule 2016

Hi all,

It's been colder and colder in Tokyo, how is everyone doing? If you are having busy days, please take care because remember, no health no BDSM!
Okay so today we announce our schedule of year-end and new year. Every year we receive emails asking if we are open on January 1st but please be noticed we will be closed on that day. We also updated our domina's last date of 2016 and first date of 2017. Please check them if your planning to make an appointment soon. Those who are visiting from abroad, please contact us and we can see what we can do.

☆Closed Dates☆
December 31(Sat) to January 3(Tue)

☆Domina's Schedule☆

◆The Last Date of 2016
Shinju: December 27(Tue)
Akiho: December 28(Wed)
Murasaki: December 29(Thu)
Ayatsuki: December 29(Thu)
Nana: December 30(Fri)
Narumi: December 24 (Sat)
Ruiko: December 30(Fri)
Lum: December 26 (Mon)
Tohka: December 28(Wed)
Ruina: December 30(Fri)
Saki: December 28(Wed)
Mito: December 27(Tue)

◆The First Date of 2017
Shinju: January 13(Fri)
Akiho: January 8(Sun)
Murasaki: January 5(Thu)
Ayatsuki: January 7(Sat)
Nana: January 5(Thu)
Narumi: January 7(Sat)
Ruiko: January 4(Wed)
Tohka: January 4(Wed)
Ruina: January 4(Wed)
Saki: January 5(Thu)
Mito: January 4(Wed)