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New Domina and New Photos of Domina Ruina

Hi everyone,

It's been colder and colder in Tokyo, how are you doing? It's a flu season here so if you are visiting Tokyo soon please take care and stay warm!

We have two great news for you today. First, we welcomed new domina Kiryu. Does she look familiar? You are right, she used to belong to us as domina Makoto, and she also currently works at the bar Amarcord. We've been hearing from our members if there is any ways to have sessions with her again, so here she is! Her schedule is not decided yet but we will update it here as soon as it's decided. Til then, please check her new profile page and beautiful photos!


Okay, now the second news. We just added new photos of domina Ruina! Whether you are her admirer or not, the new photos looks good. You can see her radiating fresh beauty. Those costumes are available for appointments, just let us know when you make an appointment.


Just one more thing. As the holiday season is just around the corner, we've been receiving emails asking if our dominas are traveling abroad soon. The answer is, unfortunately no. For the travel information we suggest you to check this blog instead of contacting us via emails, as sometimes it takes time to write you back on busy days and honestly, this blog has the latest information. So please look forward to future travels and bookmark this blog!