Domina Suzuran Left and Schedules of Our Dominas

Hello La Siora members,

It feels like summer in Tokyo, how's everyone doing?

Well first of all, we have a sad news.
Baby domina Suzuran left La Siora. It was rather a short belonging with us but we greatly appreciate those who supported us.
Please also check our producer, Rie Asagiri's blog (in Japanese);

Secondly, there are some irregular schedules on our domina's schedule in June. Please check to see if your favorite domina has changes.

Domina Ayatsuki
Her regular schedule has changed!
Thursday, Saturday, Sunday/ 15:00-23:00
She will take a day off on Sunday 19 June
Her Blog

Baby domina Ruina
Additional day on her schedule!
Monday 20: 16:00-Last
Her Blog

Domina Shinju
A day off and a special availability!
Saturday 25: Off
Sunday 26: Specially available from 13:00-Last
Her Blog

Domina Nana
Early vacation to freshen up!
Wednesday 15 to Friday 24
So Tuesday 14 is the final day before the vacation, and she will be available again on Tuesday 28.
Her Blog

Domina Akiho
Currently traveling Europe!
For bookings in London, please contact us anytime.
She will be in Japan and available again on Sunday 10 July.
Her Blog