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Sessions with Domina Akiho at AVALON!

Hello guys, this is Akiho.
From this coming June I will stay in Europe for a month.
I am glad I have an opportunity to be a guest domina at Studio Avalon, located in Berlin, Germany.

*June 9th Thursday (ask about the time to Avalon, I prefer 14:00-21:00)
*June 10th Friday (14:00-21:00)

It is a great honor to me to have sessions in Avalon, as I always wanted to experience world famous BDSM scene in Germany.
I will broaden my knowledge at my 10th anniversary.

You can make an appointment from May 29th Sunday.
Doesn't matter first timer or you know me.

For session with me please contact La Siora office;
+81 3 6380 6568