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It's Spring; Time to Clean Those Beautiful Boots!

Hi guys,

How is everyone doing? It's getting nice and warm here in Tokyo, so it is time to put those beautiful boots in a closet and switch to nice heels and sandals. Before you put them in the closet, what do you do? Well of course, cleaning! I know some of you never mind cleaning nice boots regardless the season.

 Today when I was walking to my work I saw a man bringing a pair of long, shiny red boots to a shoe repair shop. It was thigh length or over-the-knee-length. A man. With a pair of red PVC boots. Was he sent by her mistress? Or actually, was it his boots? ...I couldn't stop wonder his story and it put a smile on my face. For some weird reasons I felt lucky, he made my day!

 So folks, have you cleaned your favorite lady's boots? Did you clean it by yourself or bring it to the shop? If you haven't, late is better than never, go ahead and happy cleaning!

 Thanks for reading this random post, I just wanted to share this little thing:)