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New Baby Domina Ruina and Akane

Hello La Siroa members,

Today let us introduce you our two new baby dominas.
First, domina Ruina. She was waiting to be 20 years old(legal age in Japan) to join La Siora. All she got now is her strong feeling that she wants to do BDSM. She learned rope bondage but seems like she like more European BDSM?
Her fixed schedule will be; Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday from 3:00pm to last.
She already has her own profile page on our website. Please check her photos at her portrait page:

Second, domina Akane. She a beauty with pale skin and long black hair. She has career of 4 years and reserved, well mannered lady. She has an atmosphere of a classic image of a domina. She loves anything beautiful so her sessions will be beautiful!
She can join your session for free on Sunday 31st if your session starts 3:00pm or 8:00pm. At earliest she will have her own appointments next week, most likely every Sunday. Please wait for more detailed profile and schedules.

We will look forward to your contact.
It has been real cold so please take care of your self and stay warm!

Roughly quoted and translated from;
Rie ASAGIRI ++blog++