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Year-End Holidays

Hello La Siora members,

We announce year-end holidays; we will be closed between Thursday 31st December to Sunday 3rd Janunary, 2016. The followings are the list of our dominas' last day of 2015 and the first day of 2016. Please hurry contact us for appointments because we receive lots of requests towards the end of the year!

★Closed Days★
December 31st, 2015 to January 3rd, 2016

★Dominas' Last Day of the Year★
Domina Shinju : 26(Sat)
Domina Akiho: 28(Mon)
Domina Ayatsuki: 27(Sat)
Domina Nana: 30(Wed)
Domina Narumi: 30(Wed)
Domina Nagisa: 29(Tue)
Domina Ruiko: 29(Tue)
Domina Lum: 28(Mon)
Domina Tohka: 26(Sat)
Domina Naomi: 28(Mon)
Domina Misty: 29(Tue)
Domina Yuuko: 29(Tue)
Domina Kasai: 29(Tue)
Domina Mica: 30(Wed)
Domina Ruby: 26(Sat)

★Domina's First Day of 2016★
Domina Shinju : 8(Fri)
Domina Akiho: 4(Mon)
Domina Ayatsuki: 7(Thu)
Domina Nana: 5(Tue)
Domina Narumi: 6(Wed)
Domina Nagisa: 4(Mon)
Domina Ruiko: Undecided
Domina Lum: 4(Mon)
Domina Tohka: 9(Sat)
Domina Naomi: 4(Mon)
Domina Misty: 5(Tue)
Domina Yuuko: 5(Tue)
Domina Kasai: 4(Mon)
Domina Mica: 4(Mon)
Domina Ruby: 8(Fri)