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My fav things! By Domina Misty

It's been a while! Hope you all having a wonderful December.
It's not that Cold in Tokyo yet, there's no sigh of snow.

How's your day? (It's Christmas in Tokyo.)

I have many many stories about a Slaves and Queens. But well...

Today, I want to write something about myself and fav things now days.

I've been working at La Siora almost One and few month.
Learning some new tricks and joy of sessions. Goes on.

But if I pick my Favorite at this point.
Maybe it's "Grappling sessions" I guess...
It feels so fun to Dominate a Man with strength. Only with my bare hands and body.
It is really fun. I've been training my self at the gym, make some muscles for this!

And Knock out with Choking is the funniest part.
Or punching and kicking Slaves in the face.

And of course "Whips".
I'm in love with those sweet adrenaline rush time with Slaves.
Not a thing to wrote in Christmas I know... But that's it for now.

Have an amazing Holidays Boys!

Under my heels.