New Baby Domina Joined!

Hi La Siora mebers and fans,

We are glad to introduce two new baby domina that joined us lately after baby domina Kasai and Yuuko.
One is domina Mica, she is not really experienced but understands BDSM with her heart. Another is domina Ruby, she has three-years experience, a beauty with the charm you can tell she is a domina.
We are planning the photo shooting in November. Please wait for the updates and til then, the picture on top was taken during their kinbaku lesson by domina Murasaki.

As ususal, please let us know when you make an appointment with our senior dominas if you wish them to join them as a part of their training. Please check the following schedule for free-joining.

★Domina Mica★
2(Mon) 15:00-Last
6(Fri) 15:00-Last
7(Sat) 15:00-Last
8(Sun) 15:00-Last

Regular schedule: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday(from 13:00)

memorandams. (her blog in Japanese)

★Domina Ruby★
2(Mon) 15:00-22:30
6(Fri) 15:00-22:30
10(Mon) 15:00-22:30*
11(Tue) 15:00-22:30*
14(Sat) 15:00-22:30
15(Sun) 15:00-22:30

*Domina Ruby will accept her own appointment on the 14th Saturday and 15th Sunday as she is a experienced domina.

Regular schedule: Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday(from 14:00)

Domina RubyのBDSM的日々。(her blog in Japanese9