Domina Shinobu will Leave La Siora

Sadly and sadly, our beautiful tiara domina Shinobu will leave La Siora on Friday 30th October. We know a lot of our members are surprised with this news but we hope you can wave goodbye with a good note.

◆Domina Shinobu's Schedule in October◆

2(Fri) 15:00-Last
7(Wed) 15:00-Last
9(Fri) 15:00-Last
14(Wed) 15:00-Last
16(Fri) 15:00-Last
21(Wed) 15:00-Last
23(Fri) 15:00-Last
28(Wed) 15:00-Last
30(Fri) 15:00-22:30 (the last day)

Note: The latest time she can be available on her last day is earlier than her regular schedule.
Please kindly note she accepts appointments only from members who had a session with her before. 

Appointments can be made two weeks ahead.
Please contact to our reception for session appointments.