Baby Domina Yuuko's Own Appointments and Kasai's Schedule

Hi everyone,

We are glad to let you know our baby domina Yuuko will start accept her own appointments from tomorrow! The following is her regular schedule. She can do free-joining between her own appointments as well.

☆Baby Domina Yuuko's Schedule☆
Tuesday: 19:00-Last
Thursday: 19:00-Last
Friday: 19:00-Last

And also our new baby domina Kasai's regular schedule is fixed; every Monday and Tuesday from 2:00p.m. to the last. Now she is learinng and papering for her own session as attending our senior domina's session. Photo shooting is coming soon so we hope you can wait for more pictures of her.

Please feel free to ask for free-joining of baby domina Kasai when you make an appointment with our non-baby dominas. We will look forward to hearing your contacts!