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New baby dominas have joined us!!

Hello, our members!
We are glad to announce our new baby dominas, Yuuko and Kasai.
Yuuko (侑子) looks like a "cool Japanese beauty" who has black long hair.
Kasai (花彩) is a cute lady like a baby fox who has worked as a domina before.

They can join your session for free as their training.
Please feel free to contact us when you'd book with our senior dominas if you'd like to invite our baby dominas to your session.
We'd appreciate for your cooperation.

(((( Schedule ))))

* Yuuko *
Aug 28 (Fri) 19:00-Last
Aug 29 (Sat) 19:00-Last
Aug 30 (Sun) 15:00-Last
Sep  1 (Tue) 19:00-Last
Sep  2 (Wed) 19:00-Last
Sep  3 (Thu) 19:00-Last
Sep  4 (Fri) 19:00-Last

* Kasai *
Aug 30 (Sun) 15:00-Last

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