Domina's Summer Holiday 2015

Summer has come.How do you planning to spend this summer?
You might wanna go to ocean,mountain,summer trip and yes,session for sure!!
Some of domina are going to take summer break,
We'd appreciate if you could note it.

◆Domina's Summer Break◆

14th Aug (Fri) ~ 20th Aug (Thu) 

12th Aug (Wed) ~ 28th Aug (Fri)

8th Aug (Sat) ~ 12th Aug (Wed)
She'd love to accept a session in overseas within this time
 (We'll give you detail as soon as we can)

16th Aug (Sun) ~ 12th Sep (Sat)
long vacation

20th Jul (Mon) ~  23th Aug (Sun)
long vacation

6th Aug (Thu)  & 16th Aug (Sun)

We're looking forward your booking anytime!!