For All Cross dressers!! #2

Just followd up on last post,there is another clothes for cross dresser.
Here it is,Domina introduce some of them .

Domina Narumi introducing pink-lovely-bunny girl costume.
And she's the one who wearing this with beautiful legs.
Stretch-well,fits for regular size of  body shape.

Cosplay is always your best friend when you have an extraordinary session!!

Also,Domina Lum recommend this naughty-sailor costume.

It's tightly-stretched and scanty,seems like your whole body screaming how kinky you are!!
This may stimulate your sense of shame.

On the other hand, Domina Murasaki was coordinated outfit.
You might wanna dress in neatly femminin way and yes,don't forget to put innocent-ish white lace lingerie on.

Murasaki is going to tie "unwilling lady"with defined red ropes then undress her.

Finally,when a collar on her neck, it's time to start a training to be a slave girl.

dress: waist rubber,fits for M-L size
heels: about 25.5cm
white lingerie: L size
wig: free size
(rope and collar is Murasaki's own)
pantyhose is available to you.please make an inquiry to the reception.Ofcause you can bring your favorite one too:)

Well,that's it so far.
hoping if this helps to make your desires happen and everyone of you have a lovely session with La Siora's fabulous domina.
We'll keep updating tips for cross-dressers.
In the mean time We're looking forward to your call for booking.
Have a beautiful day as always.

La Siora Receptionist