For All Cross Dressers!!

We've been field of endeavor about cross-dressing and for the last couple months,We got new item and I'm going to show you.
I hope you like it.

★French Maid Costume
Very sexy french maid outfit,thong back style.

Size adjustable,with G-strings

★Body harnes

These would be perfect for a person of medium hight and slight to standard build.

★White garter belt with panty 

Pure white garter belt with sheer panty.
What about pair with white fishnet stockings?

★Pink Gingham Maid Dress

What's on your mind when you are in this girly maid dress?
 It's Strech material for standard proportion.

★Luxury Lingerie

So,You can't talk about a lady without  luxury lingerie,right?
If you order your taste of color (like white,red,black),Domina choice for you.
Don't forget to mention your size please.

We're going to show you soon what's left in our closet.
If you'd love to try on it,please let reception know your favorite one when you make an appointment.

La Siora Receptionist