Schedule of Domina Hikaru & Baby domina Lise

Hello, our members and fans.
We are happy to announce the regular schedules of domina Hikaru and baby domina Lise from April.

* Hikaru's regular schedule * 
Thursday, Friday & Sunday/ 15:00-Last

* Lise's new regular schedule * 
Monday/ 13:00-20:00
Saturday/ 13:00-21:00

Their schedule for 3 weeks are as follows, please feel free to ask us vie email or on the phone when you'd love to have the sessions with them.

* Hikaru's schedule for 3 weeks * 
March 25(Wed) 15:00-Last ... Special!
March 29(Sun) 15:00-Last ... Special!
March 31(Tue) 15:00-Last ... Special!

April  2(Thu) 15:00-Last ... Regular schedule
April  3(Fri) 15:00-Last
April  5(Sun) 15:00-Last
April  9(Thu) 15:00-Last
April  10(Fri) 15:00-Last
April  12(Sun) 15:00-Last

* Lise's schedule for 3 weeks *
March 27(Fri) 17:00-Last
March 28(Sat) 16:00-Last
April  1(Wed) 13:00-19:00 ... Special!
April  4(Sat) 13:00-21:00
April  5(Sun) 13:00-18:00 ... Special!

April  6(Mon) 13:00-20:00 ... New regular schedule
April  11(Sat) 13:00-21:00

We accept requests of appointments from two weeks ahead.
We are looking forward to your contact for appointments!