Domina Nana and Naomi Special Schedule for April

We wish to tell you about the special schedule for April of our popular tiara domina Nana and domina Naomi who growing steadily.

Domina Nana is available on Tuesday,Thursday and Friday as usuall,also top of that,Monday of second and third week. Although,please note that change the time of 7th and 14th.
Domina Naomi is available on Thusday and Thrsday as regular schedule,plus Monday.

If you're wondering to have a session with them please following the schedules below.

◇Nana's Schedule in the first hall of April◇

 2nd(Thu) 16:00~Last
 3rd(Fri) 16:00~Last
 6th(Mon) 17:00~Last ☆special!
 7th(Tue) 17:00~Last
 9th(Thu) 16:00~Last
10th(Fri) 16:00~Last
13th(Mon) 17:00~Last ☆special!
14th(Tue) 17:00~Last
16th(Thu) 16:00~Last
17th(Fri) 16:00~Last

◇Naomi's Schedule in April◇

2th(Thu) 15:00~Last
 6th(Mon) 15:00~22:30 ☆special!
 7th(Tue) 15:00~22:30
 9th(Thu) Holiday
13th(Mon) 15:00~22:30 ☆special!
14th(Tue) 15:00~22:30
16th(Thu) 15:00~Last
20th(Mon) 15:00~22:30 ☆special!
21th(Tue) 15:00~22:30
23th(Thu) 15:00~Last
27th(Mon) 15:00~22:30 ☆special!
28th(Tue) 15:00~22:30
30th(Thu) 15:00~Last

We accept requests of appointments from two weeks ahead.
We are looking forward to your call for appointments!!

La Siora