Domina Akiho's Trip to Taiwan and the U.S.!

We have a good news domina Akiho's fans! Domina Akiho will travel overseas and if you wish to have a session with her please email to our reception.
And as she will travel there are a little changes in her schedule; please check it if you are thinking about having a session with her.
We will look forward to your contacts!

Akiho April travel schedule♪

3~6 Kaoshsiuna, Taiwan
8~17 Boston, USA

Akiho's Regular Schedule in Tokyo


23 (Mon): 15:00-Last
29 (Sun): 14:00-Last
30 (Mon): 15:00-Last


19 (Sun): 14:00-Last
20 (Mon): 15:00-Last
26 (Sun): 14:00-Last
27 (Mon): 15:00-Last