New baby domina Ciel

New baby domina Ciel joined LaSiora.
She is in her early twenties, a good English speaker, slim and has a nice figure.

She can join your session for free as her training from Saturday 17th January.
If you'd like to invite her to your session, please feel free to ask us when you'd book with a senior doimina.
We'd appreciate for your cooperation.

Chel is planning to start her own sessions and work as her regular schedule from Monday 26th January.

*Baby domina Ciel's Schedule *
Jan 17 (Sat) 3:00pm-Last
Jan 20 (Tue) 3:00pm-Last
Jan 24 (Sat) 3:00pm-Last
Jan 25 (Sun) 3:00pm-Last

Jan 26 (Mon) 1:00pm-Last ...Starts her own sessions!
Jan 29 (Thu) 1:00pm-Last
Jan 30 (Fri) 1:00pm-Last
Feb  1 (Sun) 1:00pm-Last