New Baby Domina Has Joined Us!

Hello, our loyal members of La Siora,

We are glad to announce new baby domina Lise! She in her early twenties, neat looking with black hair, and does not have experiences in BDSM industry. Now she is like a bud waiting to bloom; we can really look forward to her growth as she is earnest and positive, fresh lady. She has finished elementary training and now ready to attend a session to observe as the following schedule.

☆Domina Lise's Free-Observing Schedule☆
Sunday 7th: 15:00-20:00
Friday 12th: 15:00-20:00
Sunday 14th:15:00-20:00
Wednesday 17th: 15:00-20:00

Please let us know if you wish her to join your session for observing when you make an appointment with our other dominas.
*She can join the session for free yet some hotel may charge extra for 3 persons or more. Please check with the hotel for the rate.

We are looking forward to your contacts!

The photo shooting will take a while, we will update her photo as soon as possible.
At this point her English level is elementary yet she is willing to learn.
She has started her blog (only in Japanese.)
Lise's Blog