Domina Mao Leaving

It's painful to announce to dear club members suddenly that Mistress Mao is leaving La Siora by end of December, 2014.

Mao-sama has been one of the most popular dominatrix in 17 years of La Siora's history. She was an elegant lady with kind heart and adoreble charm. We staffs and dominas from La Siora will miss her as we love her very much.  We assure many of you will feel very sad hearing this news as well, but you know, it's her own decision. Please pray her next stage will be filled with joy as while she was here. 

Her last day will be Dec 22 (Mon) and she can still have sessions by that day if she is free at the time and date you request, but only with members who had session with Mao before.
If you'd like to meet Mao again and say good-bye, please contact us via email with your membership number, time/date/course/place you want to book. We will write you back whether Mao is available or not.

Thank you for reading. Have a nice evening!