Baby domina Lise's Schedule in Jan 2015

Baby domina Lise's schedule in January is confirmed.
Furthermore, we have a good news for our members, she finally starts her own session on Saturday 10th January!
If you'd like to have a session with her, please feel free to ask us via email or on the phone.

* Lise's Schedule in January 2015* 
Jan   9 (Fri)  5:00pm-Last
Jan 10 (Sat) 3:00pm-Last
Jan 17 (Sat) 4:00pm-Last
Jan 18 (Sun) 3:00pm-10:00pm
Jan 22 (Thu) 6:00pm-Last
Jan 23 (Fri)  5:00pm-Last
Jan 24 (Sat) 4:00pm-Last
Jan 28 (Wed) 6:00pm-Last
Jan 31 (Sat) 4:00pm-Last

Lise will continue to join your session for free as her training when she doesn't have her own appointment on the day.
If you'd like to invite her to your session for free, please ask us when you'd book with the senior domina(Regular, Tiara or Excellent domina).

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