Shinobu Became "Tiara" Class Domina!

Hello, dear kinky friends!
Mistress Shinobu has become Tiara domina as she got many fans.
As you might already know, she is skilled mistress who has strong mind and gentle heart.

La Siora Producer Rie Asagiri wrote her comments about her promotion. Please read her blog. 

As her rank changed, the nomination fee is changed to 3,000JPY.If you already have an appointment the nomination fee for the appointment is 2,000JPY. Nomination fee is charged if you have previously had session with her and if it is an advanced appointment. Nomination fee will not be charged if you are first-timer to have a session with her, or you made an appointment after your arrival of Shinjuku even if it is not the fist time to make an appointment with her.