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Erina, Naomi and Misty Became Regular Domina

Hello, La Siora fans! How's your September going?
We are very glad to inform that Domina Naomi, Erina and Misty became Regular domina as they all passed the certain level of popularity and skill. Their nomination fee will be \2,000 from today. (If you already made an appointment with them, nomination fee would be 1,000 for the appointment as before.)
They are young and very active. Although they joined La Siora at the same time, their session taste and personality are very different and now they are finding their own specialty.
We'd like to recommend you to have session with them if you haven't done, especially Domina Misty and Erina as they are good English speaker!
For appointment, contact to La Siora reception by email or phone.
If you can read Japanese, please check their blogs. They just wrote their greeting blog post for this class-up.

For their photos and profiles, please check links below.
Misty Portraits
Naomi Portraits
Erina Portraits