Domina Shinju and Nana's New Schedule!

Hello all the gentlemen in La Siora,

We are announcing the new schedule of our ever-popular excellent domina Shinju, and the sweet little devil domina Nana. This is a great news for those who have been dreaming of a session with either dominas in the early afternoon.
As for domina Shinju, on Saturday she accept request of appointment from 1:00p.m., and will be specially available on Sunday 5th October! Yet please be noticed she will taking a day of on Friday 3rd and Saturday 4th of October.

☆New Schedule of domina Shinju☆
Friday: 3:00p.m.-Last
Saturday: 1:00p.m.-Last

As for domina Nana, on every Tuesday she will be available for appointments at 1:00p.m. from Tuesday 14th October.

☆New Schedule of domina Nana☆
Tuesday: 1:00p.m.-Last
Thursday: 4:00p.m.-Last
Friday: 4:00p.m.-Last

Please feel free to contact us for requests of appoinments.
We are looking forward to your contact!