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Domina Tohka's OFF Due to the Accident

We've decided that Domina Tohka will be Off by next Wednesday May 7 at the earliest as she got her ankle broken by a bike accident. A guy on a bike was running very fast ant hit her on the street. He saw her falling down and just run away (Unbelievable!!). She couldn't ask his name and any info unfortunately.
She is doing good beside she cannot walk very well. After taking some break and medical cares, she will be back soon. If you'd like to have a session after Wednesday, please contact us. We will let you know how she is doing at that point and make an appointment if she is well enough.

We are sorry for the unlucky happening. Tohka herself is very eager to back to La Siora and have sessions with you all. Her absence will not be very long as she is young. Please stay tuned!