New Baby Domina's Intoduction

Hello everyone,

As you might notice we have been busy announcing about our three new dominas!Are you lost in all the small updates? Then this post is perfect for you, you don't need to look for our baby domina's infomation no further.
So, let us introduce our three baby dominas.

☆Domina Erina☆

She is a tall beauty(171cm) with beautiful legs, and smooth pale skin.
She has elegant and gentle nature yet you will be surprised with her strong aspect.
The shine at the bottom of her eyes speaks loudly about her strong sense of justice. With her deliberateness, she is taking steps forward one after another. 
But at the same time, her great curiosity won't make her "square," she keeps a good balance of personality. She has a great sense to understand minorities within minorities. 
Erina is a type of a domina that face you carefully with times, it might be a good match with a M gentlemen looking for a domina to serve for in the long period of time.
Please wait for a while for plays that requires experiences and high skills as La Siora is her first BDSM club. She can conduct sessions in English. 

Profile and Portraits

☆Domina Naomi☆

Don't be deceived by her slim and petite(157cm) figure, she is a powerful lady with muscle!
She looks like a S lady rather than a professional domina.
You can really see she is naturally enjoys BDSM as you watch her toys M gentlemen with a smile on her face. 
She has a working experience in a BDSM club, and even after that she enjoyed playing at BDSM gathering and bars. 
Coming back to BDSM world, now her heart is filled with expectations to meet you. 
She might look assertive, yet she is sensible and pays attentions to details. 

Profile and Portraits

☆Domina Misty☆

A tall, beautiful domina with a glamorous body, just like ladies in great Namio Harukawa's pictures.
She has a clear view of BDSM she wants to live out. One is a longing for martial arts, she is very interested in it.
She regularly works out and train herself in a gym. Dominating you with her body, she will get closer and closer to the world of Namio Harukawa!
Her exotic and perfect facial features, and passionate eyes will shine brighter as she gained a confidence as a domina. 
She seems grown-up, but she has a very pretty aspect as a girl in her mid-twenties!
Please wait for a while for plays that requires experiences and high skills as her working experience in a BDSM club is very limited. She can conduct sessions in English.

Profile and Portraits

All of them are available for their own appointments.

They have all unique features and characteristics, so if you would like to see and greet them, they are also available for free-observation in between their own appointments. Please feel free to mention to it when you make an appointment with our other dominas. 

We are looking forward to your requests of appointments!

*Free-observation can be automatically cancelled if they have their solo appointments.