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Nina is Now Tiara Domina and Tohka is Regular Domina!

We have two great news to announce today. First, the young domina Tohka has ranked up to our "Regular"domina!
It is surprisingly quick to become a regular domina as she got many loyal fans.

Tohka's Schedule

Next, domina Nina also has ranked up and she is now our "Tiara" domina.
A year and 9 months has passed since she joined La Siora. She has been establishing steady popularity base with her sessions and of course, with her beauty as well. It it a very quick rank-up just like domina Tohka.

Nina's Schedule

As their ranks changed, the nomination fee has also changed from today; for domina Nina \3,000 from the next appointment and domina Tohka is for \2,000. If you already have an appoint with them, the nomination fee is \1,000 and \2,000.

Please also browse our producer Rie Asagiri's blog for more information about their rank-ups.

We are looking forward to your call/emails!