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New Domina ERINA's Training Term Has Started

Hello, Dear La Siora members!

We have very good news today!
New baby domina Erina has joined La Siora and started her free-session-observation as her training.
She is 171cm tall, an elegant beauty who has long straight hair and lovely voice, and can speak English fluently. We will have photo-shooting of her in the early March. Please wait a bit to see her profile photos.

She can join your session of you and another La Siora domina for free. (*usual session fee and hotel fee will not be free)
As she has just started exploring the BDSM world, it would be great if she can experience various types of session of other La Siora dominas to develop her skill and view. We'd appriciate your cooperation.

Erina's Free Session Observation Schedule

Feb 24 (Mon) 15:00-22:30
March 2 (Sun) 15:00-22:30

We will anounce additional schedule later.
If you want her to join the session, please feel free to ask to the reception so.

Normally, love hotel fee would be *1.5 if you have 3 people in a room. Please make sure you have enough cash for the fee.

La Siora