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Notification of Dominas' Schedule

Hello, our royal members and wonderful fans.
We hope you enjoy spring time.

Today, we announce you about some changes of dominas' schedule.

* Domina Ruiko *
Did you see "Evil Beauty" Ruiko's new gallery "Ruiko the witch 3"? If not, please check it out!
Finally, she will be available as her regular schedule from May. So, you will be able to have more chance to have a session with her.
Every Wednesday, Friday and Saturday

* Domina Lum *
Our charming domina Lum will be available on Tuesday 3rd and Thursday 5th May, besides her regular schedule.
If you'd like to have a session with her during GW holidays, please check your calendar.
1 (Sun) 6:00pm-Last
2 (Mon) 6:00pm-Last
3 (Tue) 8:00pm-Last
4 (Wed) 6:00pm-Last
5 (Thu) 8:00pm-Last
8 (Sun) 6:00pm-Last / Advanced reservation only

* Domina Ayatsuki *
Beautiful "Kinky Goddess" Ayatsuki takes her holidays from Thursday 21st April until Wednesday 18th May.
We are very sorry for our sudden announcement and appreciate for your understanding.