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New Baby Domina Joined us!

Hello La Siora members and fans,

How are you doing? It's getting nice and warm here in Tokyo so it's a great season to visit Tokyo. Hope you all are enjoying spring wherever you are at.

In this fresh season, a young new domina joined La Siora. Her name is Suzuran, meaning a lily of the valley. She is a beauty with smooth pale skin with shiny black hair. We hope to bring you pictures soon.
Please contact us upon making an appointment if you would want her to observe your session. It is for free. We are looking forward to your contact.

☆Domina Suzuran's Schedule☆
22 (Fri): 15:00-22:00
23 (Sat): 15:00-22:00
27 (Wed): 15:00-22:00
30 (Sat): 15:00-22:00

You can refer to our producer's blog for more information(in Japanese);