Cars and Feet

Hey guys, 

How have you been in this cold weather? This is just another random update so this has nothing to do with La Siora's infomation. 

Well I have just run into this image and couldn't help sharing it with you guys.
This is from the cover image of LA Times about Los Angeles auto show and it shows the future image of automobile. Yes, we can see it, but isn't it totally foot fetish-ish? The lady's feet peeking out of the car window is somewhat a classic image for foot lovers. Her cold grance, nice bare feet; how could it not be a fetish image? I thought it's really cool LA Times uses this image, not WIRED or VICE magazine. 

We all know feet out of the window is dangerous thing to do, especially while driving, but I hope the future of driving enables us to do it safely, like this picture. Seems like cars and foot are inseparable. Perhaps does't it feel good to throw your foot on the window or the dashboard? I love it on a sunny day. 

I hope everything is well with you and til the next time.