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Mao's Schedule in August

Hello, dear La Siora members and Mao-sama fans!
We'd like to announce her schedule in August 2014.
Making her appointment is slightly different from others'.
Please make sure you read this entry before contacting us.

!!Mao's Schedule in August!!
17 (Sun)  14:00-22:30
24(Sun)  14:00-22:30
30(Sat)  14:00-22:30

If you'd like to make an appointment on other days, please ask for additional shift by email.


*We start accepting reservation offer from 2 weeks before the date. We cannot arrange any appointment before 2 weeks even if you are coming from oversea area. Please do not contact us too early!
*We can only accept offers from La Siora members who had had a session with Mao in the past.

Please make an appointment through email.

When you send an email, please make sure you list your membership number, registered name, the date/time/area(hotel)/course you'd like to have a session. Please let us know if you prefer waiting for her in your room or meeting her somewhere outside (Cafe Veloce, hotel lobby etc.) and go to hotel together.

After you make reservation, please confirm the appointment a week, a day and an hour before the meeting as usual.

For La Siora member who hadn't met her before: We are very sorry for not being able to make your appointment. We will announce here if she re-start having session with new members again.