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Darkest Dreams by Misty

Hey there slave.

It's been a while since i wrote to you.

How've you been? Are you enjoying everyday with your Filthy Dark dreams?

Almost two month since I joined LaSiora.

The Sun begin to Burn up the road of Tokyo. Summer is here.
Smell in the air, Sounds of the Wind bells, Blue skies and Big white clouds,
Everything looks like high-contrast pictures.
Summer in Japan is something special!

I Did experienced a lot n lot in two month.
Well, I think so. I feel alive everyday. And enjoying everyday making my filthy dreams come true!

As you know, I'm a Mix. So I have both side of view to BDSM tradition in Japan.

I like Rope/Shibari Bondage in foreigner way. I mean, duh, hope you get it!
But, I'm kinda starts to get in to it. Need more time to Practice a bit more and get to know more about it.

I love Whips. Can't describe with words!
The Feelings, Tensions, Your voice makes me want to rip you in pieces.
CBT are my all day fav things to do list No1! Want to get some bruise to that little balls?
Gotta get more tools for it.
And of course, STRAP ONs!! Love it. Don't need a word!

It's not me, Not my fault.
You. It is you, Make me do things, Bad horrible things. To you.

Maybe I feel good with it. Maybe not.

But if I spit on your face and make you suffer like a Mother fucking mother fucker, it doesn't matter to you anyway!

I Ain't gonna stop.You'll be my Stairway to the Other side.

One day, You'll gonna Love it n Beg for it anyway!

So, What's your Darkest dream that keep you awake at night?

The one that can't get out of your head.

Let me know. I'll break your Skull and Fuck your Worthless Dreams.

Have a Sweet Summer day!

Misty. xoxo

Quoted from Dancing On Your Graves