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Domina Mao is Back!

Hello, dear La Siora members.

We have very good news for Mao fans! We are pleased to announce the very popular domina will be back as a domina again after a long break.
She will be having sessions only with La Siora members who had sessions with her before for a while.
We can make Mao's appointment only through emails. If you want to make an appointment, please email us with those below.

*Your Membership Number
*You Name
*Date/Time/Place you'd like to have the session.

It might take a few days to reply you because we check Mao's schedule everytime we get an inquiry. Please be relaxed.

She wouldn't be at La Siora office regulary. Her schedule would be different based on customers' requests. She is available only weekends and night time on weekdays. Please contact us earlier and check if she is available.

So many customers had been waiting for her. It is quite easy to expect many session offers. Please know that the number of the sessions she can have in a week is limited.