Baby Domina Naomi and Misty's Training has Started!

Spring is in it's full bloom everywhere in Japan, how are you dear members doing?
We are glad to announce two new baby dominas, Naomi and Misty has joined La Siora and started their training!

Baby domina Naomi
She is slim and about 160cm tall.
She is a S lady with a really "S" like traits. Looking rather a real office lady than a professional domina. Her eyes and facial expressions are fascinating.
She once has belonged to BDSM club, and enjoyed playing in private, SM circles and bars.
She is good at communicating too.

Baby domina Misty
169cm tall and glamorous figure, yes, that is because she enjoys martial arts and is determined to continue.
She is a beautiful, mixed lady.
She is new to BDSM world yet experienced some in private, so she will keep working on her training with us.
You can look forward to how she will be as a domina as she is now in her middle 20s.
She can be a classic "the domina" with experiences. And importalnly, she is capable of English!
(Quoted and translated from Rie Asagiri's blog post)

☆Naomi's Free-Observing Schedule☆
Thursday 17th: 15:00-22:30
Thursday 24th: 15:00-22:30
Friday 25th: 15:00-22:30

She will accept independent session from Tuesday April 29th.

☆Misty's Free-Observing Schedule☆
Sunday 13th: 15:00-22:30
Wednesday 17th: 15:00-22:30
Saturday 19th: 15:00-20:30

She is expected to start independent session within April.

Also baby domina Erina who started her own session can can join the session for free in between her own appointments.

Please contact us if you are interested in free-observing.
We are looking forward to your emails/calls!
*Please be noted love hotels might charge extra for the party of three.

For more information about our three baby dominas, you can check our producer Asagiri's blog (in Japanese, sorry).